A complete set of filters for the various home and garden needs.

BRASS 10" filter

The BRASS filter includes advanced technological solutions that make it the leader in its category since it is constructed with OT58 nickel-plated brass head and polycarbonate vase. It can be used with different cartridges.From the above, it is easy to comprehend that the particular feature of this filter is its high quality. In this way, a valid alternative to the practical and economical BIG is given.

BIG 10" filter

BIG is a filter made up of 3 parts and constructed in non-toxic plastic material. It can be provided with a vast range of cartridges, which guarantee both a mechanical and chemical filtration, according to the kind of cartridge.
The filter may be subject to sudden overpressure, beyond the maximum pressure allowed (7 bars).
So we strongly suggest using the safety valve (Item # 550.0000) to avoid damaging the filter structure (breakage or bursting).
Damages caused by the filter breaking will be considered only if the filters are installed with the safety valve Item # 550.0000. If water filters are installed close to heating bodies it is useful to put a check valve in order to avoid the return of warm water that may damage the filter.
Do not install the filters using green paste or hemp.
Use Teflon

SUPERBIG 20" filter

SUPER BIG is a 20" high cartridge filter that can be applied industrially when there is a need to filter considerable amounts of water.
Due to the double filtering surface area of the cartridges, the filter's effective life is appreciably lengthened, thereby also thinning out maintenance work.

Do not Install filters using green paste.
Use Teflon exclusively.