Watertech Mondialpress


Electronic device for control and protection of the pump

Product Feature

- Features

  • Starts and stops the pump depending on opening and closing of the taps.

  • Stops the pump in case of a water shortage and protects it from dry running.

  • Can be installed on surface and submersible pumps.

  • No need for an expansion tank, check valve, filter or fittings.

  • Maintenance free.

- Technical Features

  • Single-phase mains voltage: 230 Vac

  • Acceptable voltage fluctuation: +/- 10%

  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz

  • Current max: 8 A

  • Power max: 1,1 kW (1,5 HP)

  • Protection degree: IP 65

  • Operating pressure max: 10 bar

  • Operating temperature max: 60°C

  • Minimum flow: ~1 l/min

  • Male connections: Gc 1”

  • Certifications: TÜV SÜD


Restart Pressure

Floors Number

Building Height

Max Pump Pressure

1.2 bar 4 12 mt min 2.5 bar
1.5 bar 5 15 mt min 3 bar
2.2 bar 7 22 mt min 3.5 bar
3 bar 10 30 mt min 4.5 bar

Pressure Loss Diagram

Watertech Pressure Loss Diagram

Installation and startup

The device can be installed directly on the pump or between the pump and the first tap. Make all the electrical connections, check that the pump is correctly primed, open a tap and energize. The green Power on led will light up on the control panel and the pump will start (yellow “Pump on” led on) and will keep running for several seconds to pressurize the system. If this time is insufficient, the device will stop the pump. Press and hold down the Restart button until the red Failure led turns off and the water comes out of the open tap. When the tap is closed, the pump will stop after a few seconds (yellow “Pump on” led turns off). From now on, the device will turn the pump on and off depending on the opening and closing of the tap. In case of water shortage, the device will stop the pump and protect it from dry running. In case of a temporary blackout, the device will automatically rearm once the electricity returns.


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