Oase Underwater cable connector T 3

Oase Underwater cable connector T 3

Underwater cable connector T 3

Product Features

  • Underwater cable connector
  • Transparent lid for easy monitoring
  • Watertight, in accordance with IP 68 protection rating
  • Extremely corrosion resistant

Oase Underwater cable connector table

OASE underwater cable connectors are used for connecting and separating elements for electrical consumers, such as underwater pumps, or under water spotlights, in all areas of water technology.
They enable trouble-free connection and disconnection of consumers from supply lines. Separation is necessary for example if the consumer must be removed for service purposes. With OASE underwater cable connectors, usually connecting and disconnecting is possible without draining the water.
All types have a transparent lid. Several blind plugs are supplied with each underwater cable connector to seal unused cable glands.